We are commencing youth athlete selections on all our campuses within the scope of the “Spike to the Future” Project we initiated to spread our efforts across youth teams, to ensure that thousands of children adopt a sports culture and to discover the stars of the future.

Athlete selections started on all the campuses accept

  • applicants between of ages 8-13 .
  • Applications can be made by phone to 0216 399 10 50 and 0555 654 61 83  to arrange appointments for selection trainings on the nearest campus.
  • Applications can be made by filling out the form on the right.

Athlete candidates who are invited to selection trainings will be subjected to physical measurements and tests; furthermore, these candidates will be evaluated by our coaches during 2 training sessions.

Candidates rated positively in the evaluation will continue to work on our campuses for free.


Athlete candidates licensed by another sports club can attend Eczacıbaşı selection trainings under the following conditions;

  • They must have received their letter of recommendation (clearance certificate) from their own sports clubs or
  • They must have obtained written permission from their own sports clubs to attend Eczacıbaşı selection trainings.

Otherwise, licensed athletes of other clubs will not be allowed to participate in the selection trainings.

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