Eczacıbaşı Campuses

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The technical staff in charge on our campuses and the training programs followed by this staff are determined by Volleyball Schools Technical Staff and Performance Teams Youth Coaches. Training programs are regularly supervised and the coach staff is trained in various matters.

Eczacıbaşı Sports Club Volleyball Campuses opened the 2018-2019 season with the Sports School Workshop organized at Kovan on 11-12 August 2018, with the participation of the technical and administrative staff in harge of organizing the youth and sports schools. In this workshop, in addition to general purpose seminars such as communication, time management, methods of approaching children, etc. technical sessions were also held to explain the criteria for selecting athletes, training programs for young and star teams, strength workouts and the education approach of the sports school.

In our Eczacıbaşı Campuses, whose activities will target children and young people between the ages 6-18;

  • Festivals are organized for children between the ages 6-12 in addition to the trainings, in order to ensure that students have fun, enjoy their time and are committed to sports.
  • Athletes eligible for performance teams are identified through skill scans in this age group for the athletes’ participation in volleyball school works on a scholarship,
  • With the development teams set up in the age group 12-18, participation in volleyball leagues is encouraged in order to improve athletes’ skills to compete, work as a team, win and lose in a competitive environment.
  • It is ensured that the scholarship athletes who are candidates for performance teams participate in leagues with U12 and U14 teams at their own training centers at ages 12-14 and the athletes who display appropriate development are included in Eczacıbaşı performance teams,
  • Local tournaments and camps are organized for the age range 12-18 to ensure that athletes spend time away from their families and their protection so that they gain self-confidence,
  • Tournaments and camps are organized abroad for athletes between the ages 14-18, so that athletes can meet other athletes from different countries and can feel good and know themselves better when they are away from not just their families, but also from their own culture,
  • Among the athletes between the ages 16-18, who are approved by coaches and who volunteer, “assistant coaches” who will assist the training of younger age groups and take responsibility in camps to be attended by younger age groups are selected and it is ensured that these athletes set examples for and lead the younger athletes by taking responsibility.

Work Programs

Team Selections:

The youth team selections in the age group of 8-13 are realized in each campus in a separate training session every week. The athlete candidates participating the selections go through physical measurements and tests and are evaluated by coaches during 2 training sessions. Candidates rated positively in the evaluation continue to work in the relevant age groups on campuses for free.

Volleyball Schools:

1 hour and 15 minutes of trainings are done every Sunday and Saturday in the 6-12 age group.

Development Teams:

With teams of 16 individuals set up in the Kids, Young, Star and Young Girl categories from the age of 12, participation of athletes in official games is ensured Athletes train for 1,5 hours three days a week starting with the young team (14 year old) and continue their trainings in summer as well.

Monthly registration in volleyball schools is possible, but development teams have to register annually.


Special staffs are established for the administrative and technical management of all campuses. The duties of these staffs include defining and reporting all kinds of workflows, ensuring communication among campuses, setting and developing training programs, preparing and organizing trainings for administrative and technical staffs, supervising and improving campuses.

You can send your comments and recommendations about campuses to the address 

Yeşim Durmuş
Yeşim DurmuşEczacıbaşı Volleyball Schools Technical Coordinator
Aybike Merdi
Aybike MerdiEczacıbaşı Volleyball Schools Administrative Coordinator