Cooperation Between Eczacıbaşı Sports Club and ES Volleyball Sports Club

With a co-operation protocol signed in September 2015, it was decided that ES Volleyball Sports Club would raise the number of Eczacıbaşı schools and training centers in order to expand youth efforts in Eczacıbaşı and to contribute athletes to the youth teams.

Following the Eczacıbaşı Volleyball School held in Kovan Sports Culture Center in Dragos in the first year of cooperation in 2015-2016 season, the scope of cooperation expanded: Within the scope of the agreement covering 5 seasons between the years 2016-2021, ES Volleyball Sports Club;

  • Became the only club authorized to open Eczacıbaşı training centers in Istanbul and throughout Turkey,
  • Became responsible for all kinds of activities and supervision of these centers,
  • Took on full responsibility regarding the participation of center teams to be set up under the title “Eczacıbaşı Development Teams” between the ages 12-18 in youth leagues, in addition to the volleyball school works carried out in these centers,
  • Assumed responsibility for organizing all festivals, tournaments and camps to be attended by development team athletes and students of Eczacıbaşı volleyball schools,
  • Assumed responsibility for training the athletes selected as candidates for youth performance teams from the Eczacıbaşı training centers to be opened on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the ES Volleyball youth groups.

Vision and Values

In addition to gaining sportive achievements aimed at world rankings in female volleyball, Eczacıbaşı Sports Club volleyball activities value people with a focus on women and their value and on efforts to bring forward exemplary figures or role models among successful female athletes.

The outstanding value in the youth sports efforts focused particularly on girls and young women in the cooperation between Eczacıbaşı Sports Club and ES Volleyball Sports Club is the investment made in little girls, who are mothers of the future, beyond raising athletes from youth teams for main teams or national teams.

This project is actually an investment in the youth, through the girls and young women to be reached in the volleyball schools, who are expected to increase in number every year. The project will raise these girls to become athletes in the main teams of Eczacıbaşı, as well as coaches and executives who will work for Eczacıbaşı volleyball schools and teams.

Prominent values of the project are;

  • Ensure that young people and children of all ages trained by Eczacıbaşı, as well as their parents, adopt a “sports culture”
  • Focus on individual development with its people-oriented structure and practices that make each athlete feel special
  • Maintain a high “human quality” among all athletes, trainers and executives wearing the uniform of Eczacıbaşı.