Families from the İzmir, Çorlu, Dragos, Koşuyolu and Etiler “Spike to the Future” Campuses attended the 3rd Family Volleyball Festival, which toke place between 3 – 4 February 2018.

Festival Program

The day-long activities were held at KSCC and accommodation was at Maltepe Cevahir Hotel. In addition to the families who accommodated at the hotel while participating in the event, there are also some families who just attended Kovan activities without staying at the hotel.

Mini volleyball and “turn and win” volleyball sessions were attended by the female and male athletes of ES Volleyball. The purpose is to ensure that students have as much fun as possible and make friends with others while playing matches.

Purpose of the Festival

  • The purpose is to bring together the volleyball school students who train on different Eczacıbaşı campuses and their families,
  • To ensure that volleyball students between the ages of 6-12 have a pleasant time with both their friends and their families, in a non-competitive, festive atmosphere,
  • To convey the message that “this is the age group where children take a liking to volleyball and play fun games” to the families attending the festival,
  • To organize different events so that all athletes get to know Eczacıbaşı Sports Club better and adopt the corporate culture,
  • To ensure that all athletes have knowledge of the Olympics, which can be considered as the peak of all sports events.

What is OLI?

OLI is a Sports Culture and Olympic Training Projectthat is organized by the Turkish National Olympics Committee and that aims to ensure that young generations adopt a sports culture and Olympics spirit at an early age. The OLI team delivered a presentation to families on the 2nd day of the festival.

Sizdrama Activities

SizDrama (www.sizdrama.com) team, which implements personal development programs with drama activities, organized fun games to create awareness in parents regarding the purposes of volleyball school programs.