The 3rd Development Tournament organized between 29 January Monday – 1 February Thursday was attended by a total of 320 athletes, 40 coaches and 30 intern coaches from 10 campuses, in addition to the support provided by 8 coordinators and other assistant personnel.

Athletes participating in the tournament stayed at Pendik Green Park Hotel and all events during the day were held at Kovan Sports Culture Center.

Purpose of the Tournament

To bring together the team athletes who train on all Eczacıbaşı campuses,
To see the athletes who are candidates for being a part of Eczacıbaşı performance teams in the future altogether and ensure that these athlete candidates are evaluated by Eczacıbaşı Ayazağa performance coaches,
To organize different events so that all athletes get to know Eczacıbaşı Sports Club better and adopt the corporate culture,
To ensure that all athletes have knowledge of the Olympics, which can be considered as the peak of all sports events,
To make sure that athletes enjoy their time thanks to different competitions and fun activities when they are not playing in the tournament games.

Tournament Fixture

In the tournament to be played in 3 series, 12 performance teams, 18 development teams and 16 kids teams played in the first, second and third series respectively. The first two series are in the competition category. Each team will play 7 games throughout the tournament and the teams were ranked first to last at the end of the competitions. In the kids series, girls and boys of Eczacıbaşı and ES Volleyball played mixed games. Different teams were formed for each day of the tournament to ensure that the athletes meet and get to know each other.

All athletes participating in the tournament received participation medals; the first 3 teams to score in the two competition series received gold, silver and bronze medals.

Tournament Theme: Olympics

The Olympics have been chosen as the tournament theme. In accordance with this theme;

Appropriate nomenclature has been used: Groups playing matches in series of 6 teams have been named after the colors of the Olympic rings, while the teams have been named after the cities where Olympics were held (especially the ones where Turkish athletes received medals).
Promotional films and visuals have been prepared and will both be presented to the athletes throughout the tournament (in the library area in KSCC and on TV screens in the common areas) and will be given as gifts to the athletes in the Smash to the Future flash drives at the end of the tournament.
These visuals will also include Eczacıbaşı Sports Club’s promotional videos.
The theme of the chat sessions on the second day of the tournament will again be Olympics and National referees, National athletes and coaches will be invited to these sessions.


The tournament champions will not be determined just by the rankings at the end of the matches.
Example athletes are desired to be good and smart athletes, not just anybody who can play volleyball. To convey this message to the athletes Athletic Contests and Mind Games will be played in two separate series.
In the athletic competitions, 20m runs, standing long jump and medicine ball throw tests will be held to measure the values of all athletes and create team scores.
In mind games, teams will score points by playing the following games: SUDOKU, Word Challenge and TABU.
The points scored by teams in volleyball competitions, mind games and athletic competitions will be weighed at 70%, 15% and 15% respectively and teams will be ranked according to this total weighted score.

“Crossing my Boundaries”

The SizDrama team (, which implements personal development programs through drama activities, will organize events in two separate sessions to encourage the athletes to dream about the Olympics by setting high goals for themselves and their teams and to inspire them.

A total of 230 athletes staying at the hotel will be divided into seven different groups and work with different experts, while the whole team will be managed by Suat Güneş.